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Rotary Club

Rotary Club

RGS recently sent three teams to compete in the annual Rotary Club Technology Tournament at the Royal Engineers Museum.

Key Stage 3- Sophie Burt, Naveen Kaur, Maja Kazmierczak, Emily Riley,

Key Stage 4- Isobel Brown, Aishwarya Dhiman, Foyin Sogebtun, Michaela Wyatt

Key Stage 5- Kiana Coldrick, Ore Emmanuel, Adrien Genton, Maya Prashad

For the competition each team was given a task that required a technical solution. They had to discuss their ideas and create a design portfolio. A selected and limited amount of materials were provided that they had to utilise to build and test their idea. Each team was given to same general task of building a device using wood and rubber bands to launch a plastic ball in the air with accuracy. The more advanced teams had to also design a parachute system to allow the ball to fall slowly back to the ground. A key component of the contest was how well each team worked together to overcome obstacles and achieve their goal.

The Key Stage 4 team from RGS was the winner of the Intermediate Division. They were noted by the judges for their excellent design portfolio and teamwork. Kelly Tolhurst (Rochester and Strood MP) presented the award to them.