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Multicultural week

Multicultural week

Multicultural week took place the week beginning Monday 26th March, a celebration of the diversity of cultures within the school’s staff and students. Organised by a team of volunteering students with the help of teachers, the week was a great success in allowing students to explore different cultures.

Throughout the week, there were language, dance, and jewellery making workshops from cultures around the world, led by students who took an active role in sharing their own traditions. A cookout was also held to give students a taste of different countries, funds raised donated to charity.

At the end of a successful week, the third annual Multicultural Fashion Show served as a testament to the celebrating of the many cultures this school is proud to represent. With students modelling, dancing, singing, and performing poetry, as well as organising the back-stage work of lighting, hair, and makeup, the show was an enormous success.

The show and cookout raised over £1000, donated to two worthy causes: Sickle Cell Society and UNICEF.