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Arrangements for September 2018

1. Admission arrangements Year 7 – 11

The arrangements for coordinated admissions in Medway will be set out in detail in the Medway LA booklet for parents ‘Admission to Secondary School’, a copy of which will be available with the Headteacher or from the admissions team at the Education Office. The main points are summarised below:

  1. Parents complete the Medway common application form (CAF) in accordance with the Medway Co-ordinated Admission Scheme.
  2. The Local Authority will administer the Medway test on behalf of the governors of The Rochester Grammar School.
  3. The Local Authority will then act as clearing house for the administration of pupils’ preferences.
  4. Following the tests, selective and non-selective decisions are posted to parents by the Local Authority. Offers and refusals of places will be posted to parents by the Local Authority, on behalf of RGS.
  5. The school will also post to parents decisions of the governors on admission and details of the right of appeal against the governors’ decision.
  6. Places will first be offered to any selective girl with a statement of special educational need where The Rochester Grammar School is named.
  7. The school’s published admission number is 175 for pupils entering Year 7 in 2018.

2. Oversubscription criteria for September 2018:


  1. If the number of RGS preference selective girls received via the Medway Co-ordinated Scheme exceeds the number of places available at the school, places will be allocated in the following priority order:
  1. Children in public care – as defined in the Medway co-ordinated admissions scheme.
  2. Where a pupil can demonstrate a specific musical aptitude, as assessed by graded examinations. Parents/carers should write to the Chair of the Medway Secondary Regional Governing Body using the Expression of Interest form with details. Two places annually will be awarded, given eligible candidates.
  3. In rank order based on the scores achieved in the tests. In the event that two pupils have equal ranking for the last place, priority will be given to the pupil whose permanent address is the nearest to The Rochester Grammar School, as measured by using Medway Council’s Geographical Information System.

3. Waiting List/In-year Applications

All parents who have been refused a place at the school will have the option to indicate their wish to remain on the waiting list.

Children will be held on the waiting list by order of the criteria in the Admissions Policy. No account can be taken of the length of time a pupil is on the list. A pupil’s position can change on the list as new applicants join or other applicants come off the waiting list.

Medway Council will be responsible for holding a waiting list for parents of rising Year 7 who request their child’s name be added until 31 December.

Applications for admission outside the normal admissions round – in-year applications (all year groups).

Any application for admission to the academy which is outside the normal admissions round should be made direct to the school and the school will administer its own entrance test (to be deemed selective) for admission which will be carried out according to a published calendar of dates. No other selection process will be valid. *   11+ testing is only valid for entry to Year 7 within the co-ordinated scheme dates.

If more applications are received than there are places available, the oversubscription criteria in (a) to (c) above will apply.

However, within exceptional circumstances as set out in the Admissions Code of Practice, the Academy may refuse to admit a challenging child where there are places available on the grounds that admission would prejudice the provision of efficient education or the efficient use of resources.  Children with statements of special educational needs, where the academy is names, will be offered a place over PAN.  The Academy reserves the right to discuss this with relevant agencies.


4. Arrangements for admission to Year 12


The Rochester Grammar School 

Applications for Year 12 Entry


A          Number of additional Year 12 places available for students being admitted to the school for the first time:


  • Minimum entry requirements for Level 3 courses:*            5+ A*-B grades – general course requirements.
  • *The same minimum entry requirements apply for transfers from the RGS Year 11.
  • Courses to be studied at A Level or IB require B grade or above as specified in 6th form prospectus.
  • Subject choice discussion will take place with students.
  • Any offers will be conditional on final GCSE results.
  • At the end of year 12, student performance is assessed via mock or external examinations (depending on the subject). If students achieve below three C grades at the end of year 12, their provision will be reviewed prior to entry into year 13. Each student must study at least 3 A Level courses or their equivalent. Students studying the IB in year 12 must have demonstrated full commitment to the course and the ability to achieve the full Diploma at the end of Year 13.

B          Oversubscription criteria

  • If there are insufficient places available in Year 12 for external candidates, places will be offered, in priority order, as follows:
  1. Students in public care – as defined in the Medway co-ordinated admissions scheme.
  2. Students demonstrating a specific musical aptitude, as assessed by graded examinations or their equivalent.
  3. Students attending Year 11 at the RGS or Trust school.
  4. Nearness of students’ homes (distance will be measured using Medway Council’s Geographical Information System.