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Faraday Technology Challenge

Faraday Technology Challenge

Year 8 Faraday Challenge 2019

On Thursday 23rd May eight year 8 students attended the annual Faraday Challenge day at Greenwich University in Dockside, Chatham. The competition’s aim was to set engineering challenges to students to encourage them to consider a future in one of a range of engineering careers.

The students were split into two teams of four and were set a challenge linked to the development of the new James Webb Space Telescope, set to replace the Hubble telescope as the Earth’s predominant means of space exploration. The teams were given background information on the planning and production of the telescope and the challenges faced by the scientists in transporting and launching the telescope.

With the help of University engineers, the students were then asked to plan and make a device to help the engineers at any stage of the telescope production.
RGS team 1 designed a mechanism for shielding and opening a telescope cover in space. They used a motor, wires and LDR and a range of other available materials. RGS team 2 took a different approach, considering the changing angle of the telescope to take advantage of the sun’s energy being absorbed by its solar panels. Again they used a range of electrical and other equipment.

At the end of the day the school teams involved each had to present their designs and show them working. They also had to describe their journey through the whole design project.

RGS took the first and second places in the competition with the judges describing their teamwork as excellent and their problem-solving skills as outstanding.

The students were a credit to the school throughout the day. Congratulations to all involved.