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Fundraising for Sickle Cell Society

Fundraising for Sickle Cell Society

April 2019 saw the close of a packed term and the culmination of three months of hard work and planning for the fourth annual Multicultural Week and Fashion Show in support of Sickle Cell Society. Headed by Michelle and Mayong, the last week of term saw multiple engaging cultural activities for the whole school to participate in, leading up to the grand finale of the Multicultural Fashion Show.

Each day opened with a special Executive Officer tannoy and saw a new opportunity for students and staff alike to stretch their cultural wings. Highlights were definitely the colourful array of cultural dress seen on Tuesday, the buzz of laughter and music during the Food Fair on Wednesday and the spectacular sportsmanship from Mr Kay and Mr Hoptroff on Thursday.

The big event of the Fashion Show shone the brightest however as it was not a night to forget. Everything from the electrifying opening dance, to the poignant spoken word pieces and not to mention the modelling displays throughout the night led to a magical experience. Speeches from both Mr Bassan and former Deputy Head Girl Elizabeth Demuren as well as a heartfelt vote of thanks from the directors drove the point home of the necessity of promoting inclusion and celebration of our beautifully varied cultures

Not only was the week an enriching experience to be exposed to the different cultures our school boasts, it also served as an amazing fundraising drive for Sickle Cell Society. From the Multicultural Tag Day to the Fashion Show and all the fun activities in between, students managed to raise £2,553.67 to aid the charity in its work to combat a disease that predominantly affects ethnic minorities. This would not have been possible without the steely determination of over 130 students and staff. It is an achievement that displays the generosity of our school community and sets a fantastic benchmark as the week enters its fifth anniversary this academic year.