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Sixth form students walking outside between lessons

British Values

At The Rochester Grammar School, we actively promote positive, inclusive values. These include democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and Acceptance of those of different faiths and beliefs. We believe British Values are those values expected of anyone living in a modern Britain, regardless of their nationality, culture or religious belief.

Our ethos reflects these values. We place great emphasis on building positive relationships in school, amongst the students themselves and between staff and students. We strongly believe students should not merely be taught such values but that they are embedded into school life and how we do things.

We strive to support our students to develop into confident, happy, successful young adults with greater life chances, who have empathy towards and an understanding of those less fortunate than themselves.

At RGS British values are embodied in the following more specific ways:

Through the curriculum:

  • Students study RS, Exel (PSHE) and Citizenship. These curriculum areas cover topics such as:
    • Study of the main religions from around the world
    • Assessing the problems faced by religious people
    • Identity rights and responsibilities
    • Democracy, active citizenship and participation
    • Knowing you and knowing others
    • Relationships
    • Healthy living
    • The world of work
    • Becoming independent
    • Understanding what’s going on
  • All curriculum areas ensure they address British values through their schemes of work, activities within classrooms and ensuring all aspects of their curriculums are fully inclusive.

Through every day activities which include:

  • Upholding the RGS code of conduct
    • Respect for Yourself
    • Respect for Others
    • Respect for the Environment
    • Respect for Learning
  • The delivery of the form time activities
    • E-safety
    • Building resilience (SUMO)
    • Current affairs
    • Thinking strategies
    • Literacy
    • Numeracy
    • Student voice
    • Termly reflections
    • In the news quizzes
    • Thought of the week
  • School assemblies:
    • Whole school assemblies every week are multi faith and look at a variety of different themes and topics
    • Each form delivers an assembly to their house based on the thought of the week
  • Charity work
    • Each house votes for a charity that they support through out the year
    • The whole school vote on a school charity to support throughout the year
    • Each year RGS raises over £10000 for various charities
  • School elections for:
    • Form representatives
    • Lead students
    • Executive officers
    • House officer
    • House charity
  • Extra – Curricular Clubs including:
    • Duke of Edinburgh award scheme
    • Christian Union
    • Gospel Choir
    • Creative Computing
    • a large range of sports clubs
    • a large range of Music clubs
    • Drama Club