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Covid Catch up & Summer School Funding

Summer School Funding

Summary of summer school activity
Dates of summer school 26th – 30th July 2021
Total number of students in attendance

(this is the total number of pupils who attended at any point in the summer school)

Summary of activities

Brief summary of the range of academic and enrichment activities that made up the Summer School provision

Team building and icebreaker tasks.

Subject taster sessions in Art, Computing, Dance, English, History, Mathematics, Music, PE, Science and Spanish.

Total funding received £23,768
Summary of spending
Education Staffing £15,927
Other Support Staff 

(Facilities, IT, SLT on-call)

Meals & refreshments £2,268
Resources £150
Total Spend £23,768

Covid Catch up Funding

Education Endowment Fund suggestions RGS identified priorities
1.      Supporting great teaching Multiple curriculum areas requesting study resources or specialist equipment
2.      Transition support
3.      Pupil assessment and feedback A remote provision for mocks and assessment is vital for staff to build a secure evidence base from which to award grades this summer.  Also to prepare 13IB for their external exams which, as yet, have not been cancelled.
4.      One to one and small group tuition Some demand for this to target vulnerable knowledge
5.      Intervention programmes
6.      Extended school time For coursework catch up, this is an option
7.      Supporting parents and carers
8.      Access to technology For staff and students to facilitate remote learning
9.      Summer support
10.  Other Specialist equipment in practical subjects; wellbeing agenda


Identified priority Planned activity Cost Review date-W/b 8th Feb 2021 Review date-W/b 24th May 2021
No 1. Wellbeing workshops for all year groups.  These workshops will target a robust knowledge of mental health, and the practical skills to approach and understand it. Specifically, we will look at resilience, prioritising, stress management, and coping in times of uncertainty.  Due to effective engagement in remote learning during lockdown, gaps in knowledge has proven to be secondary to anxiety as our main barrier to learning. Approximately £12000 We would be looking to roll these workshops out for the entire school
No 2. account which would allow staff to set assessments and capture meaningful assessment data remotely. Approximately £1100 (1255 EUR) Use it in the first instance with 13IB for mock exams from w/b 1st February.  For 13 A-Level and Year 11 it can be used later in the year.


No 3. Supply teachers to provide cover for teachers of practical subjects (Art, Music, Drama, DT).  Drop days with Years 9 and 10 to teach the skills that were missed during lockdown. £230 per supply teacher per day.  4 staff for 3 days:


It’s flexible as to when these days can be.
No 4. Revision guides and subject subscriptions to support great teaching. Approximately £7900 to be distributed fairly across all curriculum areas Once the wellbeing costs have been finalised then an accurate figure for this strategy can be determined.
End of Year review/ data-