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Sixth form students during a study session with a teacher

Care, Support & Guidance

At the RGS, we feel that students have an entitlement to:

I found that everyone I spoke to from the older years was supportive, and encouraged me to do well.
Kirsten, Year 7
  • High quality teaching and a curriculum that meets their needs
  • Nurturing their creativity originality and integrity as highly valued attributes
  • High quality advice and guidance in relation to learning choices
  • Personal and academic support
  • To be listened to and responded to
  • A safe and secure learning environment
  • Preparation for life-long learning, employability and well-being

We also expect that students:

  • Support the school’s ethos of high expectations
  • Adhere to the School’s code of Conduct, based on Respect
  • Make a positive contribution to the life of the school.

Pastoral Care

Care, support and guidance at The RGS is organised through the House structure with a Head of House and within each House vertical form groups mixing Year 7 to Year 12. Each form has a lead student which has proved hugely successful, students constantly tell us how much better forms are and how they support each other and feel part of a family of learners. It is one reason why we have such a wonderful community spirit within the school.

There is a strong pastoral system: [pastoral] heads… form tutors and teaching staff give freely of their time to support

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