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Students during a PE lesson


Throughout the academic year we offer a range of different clubs and activities to students, both at recreation times and after school.

Term 2 2018-19

Club Name Day & Time Who attends Location 6th Form Staff
KS3 History Monday 1.20-1.50 KS3 only E102 Miss Beggs
KS4 ICT Clinic Monday 1.20-1.50 Yr 10 B45 Mr Inkpen
Orienteering Monday 1.20-1.50 All Years Gym PE Dept
Year 7 Choir Monday 1.30-2.00pm Year 7 P79 Mr Chapman
NChant Monday 3.20pm-4.20pm Yr 9-13 Audition only P79 Mrs Woodman
Geography KS3 &4 Monday 1.10 -2.00pm KS3 And 4 bring lunch E106 Mr Egan
Tag Rugby Tuesday 1.20-1.50pm All Years Field Miss Phillips
Yearbook Tuesday 1.20-2.00pm Yr 11 & Yr13 A23 Mr Jackson
Book Thieves Tuesday 1.30-2.00pm All years D94 Mrs N Still
CanSat Tuesday 1.10-2.00pm All Years L22 Mr Ryan
Warhammer Tuesday 1.10-2.00pm All years Lab 9 Dr Vickery
Geography Revision 25/9 Tuesday 1.10-2.00pm KS4 only Bring lunch E106 Mr Egan
Japanese Club Tuesday 1.10pm All years A27 Mrs Huckstepp & Mrs Friday
Maths Parent & Child club Tuesday 3.30-4.30pm Booked parents & Child B53 Mrs Oberai           Week A ONLY
KS4 ICT Clinic Friday 1.20-1.50pm KS4 only B45 Mr Inkpen
Dynamic Voices Tuesday 1.30-2.00pm All Years P79
Netball Tuesday 3.20-4.20pm Yrs 9,10 & 11 Meet in PE Miss Phillips
Chorisma Tuesday 3.45-5pm Yr 4-8 Audition only P79 Mrs. Woodman
NChant Wednesday 1.15-2pm Yr 9-13 Audition only P79   Mrs. Woodman
Robotics Wednesday 1.20-2.00pm All years L22 Mr Jackson
Gym/Dance Wednesday 1.20-1.50pm All Years Gym Mrs Hutton
NChant Wednesday 3.20-4.20pm Yr 9 -13 Audition only P79 Mrs. Woodman
Hockey Wednesday 3.20-4.20pm All years Field Miss Lee
KS4 ICT Clinic Wednesday 1.30-2.00pm KS4 only B45 Mr Inkpen
Drama Thursday 1.30pm Years 7, 8 & 9 P74
D&T Thursday 1.10pm Years 7-11 T64 Mrs West
Maths Clinic 3 & 4 Thursday 1.10-1.40pm Years 7-10 B53 Mrs Hinks
KS3 Science Clinic Thursday 1.10-1.40pm Years 7 & 8 Lab 1 Mr Jackson
KS5 ICT Clinic Thursday 1.30-2.00pm Yr 12 & 13 only B45 Mr Inkpen
RGS Wind Band Thursday 1.30ppm-2.00pm Years 7& 8 P73 Mrs Woodman
SAGA Thursday 1.20-1.50pm All years E103 Miss Lee
Maths Clinic KS5 Thursday 3.10- 4.40pm Year 12 & 13 only B53 Miss Clautor
Maths Clinic KS4 Thursday 3.10- 4.40pm Year 11 Only B51 Miss Clauour
Netball Thursday 3.20-4.20pm Years 7 & 8 Meet in PE   Miss Lee & Mrs Hutton
Football Thursday 3.20-4.20pm All years Field   Miss Phillips
Debate Friday 1.10pm All Years E103  
Orchestra Friday 1.30-2.00pm All years P73 Mr Chapman
Gospel Choir Friday 1.30pm-2.00pm All Years P79
STEM Club Friday 3.20-4.20pm All Years Lab 22 Mr Jackson
Duke Of Edinburgh Award Support Year 9 & 10 Only Please see Dr Vickery or Mrs Pearson