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Covid-19 Update

Following the Government’s most recent Covid-19 update on Sunday 10th May it is important to note that there are no immediate changes in the education or child care provision made by schools.

Therefore, schools will continue to provide distance learning support for students and child care for Key Workers who have provided 24 hours notice of their intention to use the child care facility. 


As you will be aware, the government has announced the expectation that Secondary schools will begin a phased transition to school based learning during Term 6 for selected Year groups.


We are working closely with the Local Authorities and the Department For Education to ensure the most effective and safe return to school for students and staff. We will be in contact you shortly to update you on our plans.


Please continue to check your mailboxes and this website for updates.

Thank you for your continued support.


Further information on the free school meals scheme can be found here:


Thank you for your cooperation in keeping students at home wherever possible.  Please note that because of staffing plans, parents of key workers should email or call 03333 602120 by 9am the day before to be eligible for provision the next day.

Key Worker letter

Provision for all students

Students during a PE lesson


Throughout the academic year we offer a range of different clubs and activities to students, both at recreation times and after school.

Term 4 2019

Club Name Day & Time Who attends Location 6th Form Staff
KS3 History Monday 1.20-1.50 KS3 only E102 Miss Beggs
KS4 ICT Clinic Monday 1.20-1.50 Yr 10 B45 Mr Inkpen
Orienteering Monday 1.20-1.50 All Years Gym PE Dept
Year 7 Choir Monday 1.30-2.00pm Year 7 P79 Mr Chapman
BBC School Report Monday 1.30pm-2.00pm Years 9-13 D94 Mr Walker
GCSE PE theory revision Monday 1.20-1.50pm Year 10 only Gym Mrs Hutton
Equate maths Club Monday 1.10-2.00pm All Years   Bring lunch B50 Miss Sanni & Miss Fuller
Geography KS3 &4 Monday 1.10 -2.00pm KS3 And 4 bring lunch E106 Mr Egan
NChant Monday 3.20pm-4.20pm Yr 9-13 Audition only P79 Mrs Woodman
Yearbook Tuesday 1.20-2.00pm Yr 11& Yr13 A23 Mr Jackson
Book Thieves Tuesday 1.30-2.00pm All years D94 Mrs N Still
CanSat Tuesday 1.10-2.00pm All Years L22 Mr Ryan
Geography Revision 25/9 Tuesday 1.10-2.00pm KS4 only Bring lunch E106 Mr Egan
Japanese Club Tuesday 1.10pm All years A27 until Term 5 Mrs Huckstepp & Mrs Friday
Maths Parent & Child club Tuesday 3.30-4.30pm Booked parents & Child D92 5 & 19 Mar, 2 April Mr Stephenson          Week A ONLY Last few
Dynamic Voices Tuesday 1.30-2.00pm All Years P79
Chorisma Tuesday 3.45-5pm Yr4-8 Audition only P79 Mrs. Woodman
NChant Wednesday 1.15-2pm Yr 9-13 Audition only P79   Mrs. Woodman
Robotics Wednesday 1.20-2.00pm All years L22 Mr Jackson
Gym/Dance Wednesday 1.20-1.50pm All Years Gym Mrs Hutton
GCSE Theory Revision Wednesday 1.20-1.50pm Year 11 Only Gym Miss Phillips
NChant Wednesday 3.20-4.20pm Yr9 -13 Audition only P79 Mrs. Woodman
KS4 ICT Clinic Wednesday1.30-2.00pm KS4 only B45 Mr Inkpen
Year 10 GCSE Trampolining Wednesday 3.20-4.20pm Yr 10 GCSE Only Gym Miss Phillips
Hockey Wednesday 3.20-4.20pm All years Field Miss Lee
Drama Thursday 1.30pm Years 7, 8 & 9 P74 Drama Officer
D&T Thursday 1.10pm Years 7-11 T64 Mrs West
Maths Prep club Thursday 1.30-2.00pm Years 7-9 B50 Mr Kay
Maths Clinic 3 & 4 Thursday 1.10-1.40pm Years 7-10 B53 Mrs Hinks
KS3 Science Clinic Thursday 1.10-1.40pm Years 7 & 8 Lab 1 Mr Jackson
KS5 ICT Clinic Thursday 1.30-2.00pm Yr 12 & 13 only B45 Mr Inkpen
RGS Wind Band Thursday 1.30ppm-2.00pm Years 7& 8 P73 Mr Chapman
SAGA Thursday 1.20-1.50pm All years E103 Miss Lee
Maths Clinic KS5 Thursday 3.10- 4.40pm Year 12 & 13 only B53 Miss Clautour
Maths Clinic KS4 Thursday 3.10- 4.40pm Year 11 Only B51 Maths Dept Staff
PE A level revision Thursday 1.20-1.50pm Year 13 Only Meet in PE Miss Miller
Netball Thursday 3.20-4.20pm All Years Meet in PE   Miss Lee & Mrs Hutton
Football Thursday 3.20-4.20pm All years Field   Miss Phillips
Yr 10 GCSE Trampolining Friday 1.20-1.50pm Year 10 GCSE Only Gym Miss Phillips
KS4 ICT Clinic Friday 1.20-1.50pm KS4 only B45 Mr Inkpen
Debate Friday 1.10pm All Years E103  
Orchestra Friday 1.30-2.00pm All years P73 Mr Chapman
Gospel Choir Friday 1.30pm-2.00pm All Years P79
STEM Club Friday 3.20-4.20pm All Years Lab 22 Mr Jackson
Dof E See Mrs Pearson or Dr Vickery