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Environmental Systems

General information:

Paper 1

Duration: 1 hour

Weighting: 25%

Marks: 35

Questions will be based on the analysis and evaluation of the data in the case study.



Paper 2

Duration: 2 hours

Weighting 50%

Marks: 65

* Section A (25 marks) is made up of short-answer and data-based questions.

* Section B (40 marks) requires students to answer two structured essay questions from a choice of four. Each question is worth 20 marks.


The remainder of the assessment is taken up by the internal assessment.

Internal assessment: Students will design and carry out an investigation into one aspect of an environmental issue. This will be based on a visit to an external site during term 4 or 5 of year 12.

Year 12 IB:
Curriculum Content:
  • Environmental value systems
  • Systems and models
  • Biodiversity
  • Conservation
  • Human population dynamics
  • Solid domestic waste
  • Water systems and water pollution
  • Soil systems
  • Terrestrial food production
  • Internal assessment: fieldwork investigation (external visit and write-up)


Year 13 IB:
Curriculum Content:
  • Structure of the atmosphere
  • Ozone and ozone depletion
  • Photochemical smog
  • Acid deposition
  • Energy choices and security
  • Climate change – causes and impacts
  • Climate change – Adaptation and mitigation