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Covid-19 Update

Following the Government’s most recent Covid-19 update on Sunday 10th May it is important to note that there are no immediate changes in the education or child care provision made by schools.

Therefore, schools will continue to provide distance learning support for students and child care for Key Workers who have provided 24 hours notice of their intention to use the child care facility. 


As you will be aware, the government has announced the expectation that Secondary schools will begin a phased transition to school based learning during Term 6 for selected Year groups.


We are working closely with the Local Authorities and the Department For Education to ensure the most effective and safe return to school for students and staff. We will be in contact you shortly to update you on our plans.


Please continue to check your mailboxes and this website for updates.

Thank you for your continued support.


Further information on the free school meals scheme can be found here:


Thank you for your cooperation in keeping students at home wherever possible.  Please note that because of staffing plans, parents of key workers should email or call 03333 602120 by 9am the day before to be eligible for provision the next day.

Key Worker letter

Provision for all students

Environmental Systems

General information:

Paper 1

Duration: 1 hour

Weighting: 25%

Marks: 35

Questions will be based on the analysis and evaluation of the data in the case study.



Paper 2

Duration: 2 hours

Weighting 50%

Marks: 65

* Section A (25 marks) is made up of short-answer and data-based questions.

* Section B (40 marks) requires students to answer two structured essay questions from a choice of four. Each question is worth 20 marks.


The remainder of the assessment is taken up by the internal assessment.

Internal assessment: Students will design and carry out an investigation into one aspect of an environmental issue. This will be based on a visit to an external site during term 4 or 5 of year 12.

Year 12 IB:
Curriculum Content:
  • Environmental value systems
  • Systems and models
  • Biodiversity
  • Conservation
  • Human population dynamics
  • Solid domestic waste
  • Water systems and water pollution
  • Soil systems
  • Terrestrial food production
  • Internal assessment: fieldwork investigation (external visit and write-up)


Year 13 IB:
Curriculum Content:
  • Structure of the atmosphere
  • Ozone and ozone depletion
  • Photochemical smog
  • Acid deposition
  • Energy choices and security
  • Climate change – causes and impacts
  • Climate change – Adaptation and mitigation