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Exel is the programme of study at RGS where we deliver Careers, Personal, Social, Health, Economic and Financial education. Exel is an amazing opportunity to study topics that are not covered by other subjects but have a huge impact on each individual. It is about educating for life; equipping Rochester Grammar School students with the skills and knowledge needed to face the challenges of adult life.

Exel includes varied class work such as debates, written projects, individual research, practical skills learnt from visiting experts and discussion based activities. The course is designed to provide knowledge and skills that are hugely beneficial and as such, is focused on class and home learning and not exams.

The programme is delivered by staff from all curriculum areas, providing a breadth of specialist knowledge, which is complimented by regular visits from the public services and other visiting specialists such as the Connexions team providing students with careers advice.

Year 7
Curriculum Content: In year 7 students will be introduced to our 6 main topic areas which they will cover over the course of the year. Together these topics cover a wide and important knowledge and skills base which will help students to develop into resilient and self-aware individuals.

The topics include:

  • Understanding what’s going on – This unit is an important introduction and development of students understanding of the thinking and memory tools used at RGS.
  • Healthy living – A series of lessons on the mental, emotional and physical changes that occur during puberty and hope to cope with them.
  • Becoming independent – This covers important skills of money management
  • The world of work – An introduction to career choices and what options there are, as well as some information about e-safety and our online profile.
  • Knowing you and knowing others – An exploration into multiculturalism and society.
  • Relationships – This topic looks at the importance of friendships and family as well as the rights and responsibilities of children and parents.

Each topic has class learning and assessed home learning tasks in an assessment booklet which the students keep with their lass learning books.

Year 8
Curriculum Content: In year 8 students will build on the knowledge they have gained in year 7 and develop their understanding of the 6 topics in order for them to flourish as individuals.

They will cover:

  • Understanding what’s going on – This topic deals with internet safety, the media and active citizenship.
  • Healthy living – Looking at the importance of healthy body and mind as well as the risks of smoking, drinking and drug taking.
  • Becoming independent – Becoming ‘money aware’ and developing knowledge of bank accounts, savings and investments.
  • The world of work – An insight into choices, employability and employment law.
  • Knowing you and knowing others – Examining different types of prejudice and discrimination and how we can be affected by ideas of stereotyping.
  • Relationships – Different types of relationship are discussed and what happens when relationships end.
Year 9
Curriculum Content: Year 9 receive two Exel days on a range of important topics and practical skills at different points in the year. This includes:

  • Money management
  • Mental health
  • A sexual health talk with the school nurse
  • Self-defence sessions with an instructor
  • The influence of the media
  • Basic first aid with St Johns Ambulance
  • A drugs awareness talk from Kent Young Person’s Service
  • The importance of relaxation
Year 10
Curriculum Content: Year 10 have two day sessions which build up from their year 9 knowledge and skills, including:

  • Change – covering topics such as relationships, bereavement, divorce and future aspirations
  • Positive relationships
  • A first aid session on resuscitation with St Johns Ambulance
  • A drugs awareness talk from Kent Young Person’s Service
  • Relaxation skills
  • Mental health
  • A sexual health talk with the school nurse
Year 11
Curriculum Content: Year 11 is an important year for Exel as students have a chance to bring together and build on their learning from year 7 and 8 as well as their learning and skills from the Exel days of year 9 and 10. They will also have sessions specifically designed to help them develop their revision and memory skills in preparation for their exams in all subjects.

The topics this year are directed towards things that will be useful for them as they take their GCSEs and in their future education and career choices.

  • Understanding what’s going on – Linking current events to their APEX-P subject.
  • Healthy living – A serious and considered look at mental health issues, the media’s portrayal of the body and our responses to them.
  • Becoming independent – A range of important topics including E-safety, money management, buying a house and fair trade.
  • The world of work – Preparing students for the workplace by examining employability, pensions, adversities you might face and preparing for the future.
  • Knowing you and knowing others – Celebrating racial diversity, as well as understanding different religious and political viewpoints.
  • Relationships – The risks, roles and responsibilities of parenthood.