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Politics is a diverse subject encompassing some highly theoretical concepts and also the study of day to day events and their impact. At RGS, students have the opportunity to examine the nature of government, both in the UK and abroad. They can also study political concepts such as democracy, human rights and international relations. They also have the opportunity to examine political ideologies such as feminism and liberalism.

Increasingly, particularly with the advent of social media, people have a chance to participate directly in politics, both locally and on a global scale, and these courses give students an opportunity to consider their own views, as well as the views of others, allowing them to participate in a more informed and critical manner.

Course Offerings

Course Title Qualifications Obtainable Awarding Body
Key Stage 5 Courses
Politics A Level Edexcel
IB Global Politics IBO


Year 12 A Level
Curriculum Content: Politics A Level is divided into 3 examination papers. These are completed at the end of Year 13. There is no coursework unit. These three papers cover four main topic areas: UK politics, UK government, ideologies and US politics.

In Year 12 students study both UK politics and UK government. UK politics looks at the nature of democracy in the UK, elections and voting behaviour, referendums and political parties. UK government looks at the constitution, the role of parliament, the executive and the courts. Students also study two of the core ideologies; liberalism and socialism.

Year 13 A Level
Curriculum Content: In Year 13, students complete their study of the core ideologies by examining conservatism. In addition, they study one further ideology, feminism. Finally, they study politics in the USA, focusing on the US Constitution, Congress, the Presidency, Supreme Court and Civil Rights. These are studied both discretely and by comparison with the UK.
Year 12 IB
Curriculum Content: IB Global Politics offers students not only different content to the A Level, but also an opportunity to research and complete coursework. It is available at higher and standard level. Those studying higher level cover the standard topics as well.

In Year 12, standard students look at two of the core units: Power, sovereignty and international relations and Human rights. They will also prepare for their individual study; an essay on a topic of their own choice, but one where they have shown active engagement in politics themselves.

At higher level, year 12 students will focus on four of the global topics: Environment, Poverty, Health and Identity.

Year 13 IB
Curriculum Content: In Year 13, standard level students complete their individual study and then complete the remaining two core units, Development and Peace and Conflict.

At higher level, the remaining two global topics (borders and security) are covered. Students then complete two more individual assignments (on two of the global topics), this time as videoed oral presentations of about 10 minutes each.