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In Year Applications

The Rochester Grammar School will be responsible for holding a waiting list for parents of prospective Year 7 who request their child’s name be added until 31 December.

Applications for admission outside the normal admissions round – in-year applications (all year groups).

Click here to download the In year admissions application form

Any application for admission to the academy which is outside the normal admissions round should be made direct to the school and the school will administer its own entrance test (to be deemed selective) for admission which will be carried out on the following dates:

  • Thursday 27th January 2022
  • Thursday 24th February 2022
  • Wednesday 23rd March 2022
  • Thursday 21st April 2022
  • Thursday 30th June 2022

No other selection process will be valid. * 11+ testing is only valid for entry to Year 7 within the co-ordinated scheme dates.

If more applications are received than there are places available, the oversubscription criteria above will apply.

Children with statements of special educational needs, where the academy is named, will be offered a place over PAN. The Academy reserves the right to discuss this with relevant agencies.

Application for admission outside the normal age range

Any parent wishing to place a child in the school in a year group different to their chronological age should first contact the school to explain the situation and the rationale underpinning the request. The school will, in accordance with the Schools Admissions Code, consider all such requests and will respond to the parent on whether the request is accepted.

If a request for consideration of a place outside of the chronological age group was accepted, and an application for a place in that year group was submitted, it would be processed in line with the admission arrangements and the relevant test and, if applicable, oversubscription criteria applied.